3D Printer: Bringing Magic To Your Fingertips

As a man who loves technology, I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas. I’m also a big believer in supporting people with amazing ideas that will help technology grow for the better (especially when they are located in my state ;)). With that being said, I found an amazing 3D printer you really should check out. Yes, I know what you are saying “Jason, they have already invented the 3D printer,” and I agree, but this company, B-Creative 3D Technology, has made a 3D printer with a difference – it is really user friendly. If you have ever used one before you’ll know that, unlike a standard printer, a 3D Printer is not just a one-button operation. There are many steps and processes you have to go through to actually print. This company worked for the past 18 months to make this new device so user friendly that even a tech novice can figure it out. Enough of me talking let’s take a peek at what I’m talking about.

Here it is!

B-Creative 3D Printer | A New Way to Make Magic

3D Printer Bringing Magic To Your Fingertips Pic 1

Almost reminds me of a replicator from Star Trek. Just stick it in a wall and presto you have your replicator. I know we are not quite there yet but a man can dream. The B-Creative 3D Tech Company really has done a good job on the look, layout and features.

The Printer Layout


The 3D Printers layout, size, touch screen and other features are well thought out. The touch screen looks like it will be much more user friendly than other printers I have seen. Plus installing the printer spoil will be so much easier with the side access.

Full App Control

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As I said in the beginning, they have made this printer much more user friendly. With the Full App Control, you can control this 3D printer from your couch. This app will actually let you choose from a library of designs that you can print right off the App or the website.

Built In WiFi


I guess if you are going to be able to control this printer with your Smartphone, Computer or smart device you’d better make sure it has WiFi. Love not having to deal with printer cables.

Now I know I could go on about this amazing 3D Printer but I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. The main reason of this article is to bring attention to this amazing improvement in 3D printing technology. Taking an invention and making it even better. That is what I love to see, and if you are going to bring something to the masses this cool, then I’m going to support you and tell everyone about it. So go check out their Kickstarter page and find out more about this project. Project Info

What do you think about this printer?


8 thoughts on “3D Printer: Bringing Magic To Your Fingertips”

      1. Thanks Jason. I don’t have a use for a 3D printer, I added the local product as I was surprised at the affordable price in comparison to seeing what I would call expensive models in the past, generally for business and not for home users.

        1. I thought so but wanted to make sure people did not think that company was selling this one. It is always good to know of other 3D printers that could be a little more affordable. 🙂 Glad you shared it or I would never have known about this other printer.

    1. I checked their website Jon and the one they are going to have on sale is NOT this one. So anyone wanting to purchase this Printer, or find out how, should go to the kick Starter page for B-Creative 3D Printer.

  1. This is a really nice and modern 3d printer. Would be very easy way to get into the world of 3d printing. Its sweet that it has wifi connectivity a lot of printers don’t.


    1. This would be a great Printer to get into the World of 3d Printing. I’m glad you liked this 3d Printer Alex. Always like finding cool tech to share with my readers. 🙂

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