Windows 7 direct download (incl. SP1)

Windows 7 direct download (incl. SP1) – Download genuine Windows 7 ISO files which include Service Pack 1.

This is very handy for those users who did not receive an installation disc with their computer. It is not illegal, there is no product key involved and you will still need to use the product key from your original installation for any activation. Simply download the ISO which matches your version of Windows 7 and burn to disc.

An installation disc will provide users with the option to perform a ‘Repair Installation’ which would not be available otherwise. Plus, the inclusion of SP1 will save having to download and install loads of additional updates after a clean install, and negate the necessity to slipstream.

All versions of Windows 7 are available in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. Make sure to download the version (Home Premium, Pro, Ultimate) which matches your original installation. All Windows 7 licenses support both 32-bit and 64-bit so that choice is yours.

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  1. A question regarding legality.
    I downloaded a version from the site, burned it and chucked it in a laptop to check, and it started up normally so appears all good. On the site it says that these disks are legal but, when I posted about them on another site, admins removed it as being against the MS EULA.
    Years ago I bought a desktop with XP preinstalled and when it screwed up I reinstalled with another genuine disk and my genuine product key but MS would not accept it. I contacted them by phone and was gaily informed that I would have to purchase another copy of the OS. To me, this is so blatantly wrong and money grubbing that ever since I have had no compunction in doing whatever with MS products.
    Back to the question – do you have any comments on their legality ??