Windows 10 – Also Free For Pirates


We are upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non-genuine, to Windows 10 ~ Microsoft spokesman

As if being free of charge for users of Windows 7 and above wasn’t enough to get us dancing in the streets, Microsoft now says Windows 10 will be free for almost everyone on the entire planet, including those little rascals who installed Windows 7 from a file sharing site or cracked it by other means, in other words, pirates. Kind of takes the wind out of the sails of the pirate ships that roam the seven seas of Microsoft as they toss their keygens and activation hacks overboard after that that first year. But wait, who’s going to buy Windows now when they can feel suitably justified in running along to their local torrent site and grabbing Seven or Eight and a bundle of keys and activation hacks?

Sign of defeat or common sense?

Anyone with a qualified device can upgrade to Windows 10, including those with pirated copies of Windows ~ Microsoft spokesman

And let’s be clear, this is only during the first twelve months, after which you’ll have to pay for it. I foresee a stampede of pirates upgrading just to get the right side of the line so that they can rest easy in their beds at night, knowing that they won’t get their collars felt by a SWAT team next morning. You’ll be kissing goodbye to this irksome message, which sometimes appears even if you have a genuine copy of Windows.


Clearly Microsoft’s new and pragmatic approach has a Chinese influence, where pirating Windows in that country is almost a pastime. The Redmond giant has decided to stop licking its self-inflicted Windows 8 wounds and grab as much market share as possible, hang the cost. And yes, once you’ve upgraded to Windows 10, it’s yours to keep; no more looking over your shoulder, if you’re a pirate that is. But this is no coincidence; Apple ditched its OS charges with the release of Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks in October 2013 and one has to consider that Microsoft may now be looking at Windows as a kind of loss leader, simply to open its gates even wider and get as many users as possible on board the good ship Windows.


It’s a lure, but is it a trap? Many have put forward the theory that Microsoft intends to go the subscription route. If laying out $25 a year kept you the right side of the line and always up to date, instead of having to shell out one heck of a lot more as it stands now, you’d have to look at it wouldn’t you? This announcement could well pave the way for you to do just that.

What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Windows 10 – Also Free For Pirates”

  1. Why is everyone looking at the word FREE (from Microsoft) as something other than what is it, a FREE operating system. After paying and paying for upgrades, it’s about time the giant gave something back to users. My upgrade to Windows 8 from XP was very cheap, so I truly welcome a FREE upgrade.

    Yes, there is a tiny catch. It’s FREE for the first year, so if some don’t jump on board, they’ll be doing the paying later for that FREE upgrade, Mindblower!

    1. I’m not sure if I follow your line of thought here MB.
      We’ve had to pay for upgrades since 95 and I never expected a free upgrade of that OS to 98 and beyond.
      MS don’t have an obligation to give us anything for free, except maybe in the cases of Vista and Eight.

      1. Marc, I’m just stating the obvious, that for once in a lifetime, Microsoft is giving everyone a chance at obtaining a *free* legal operating system. Those who miss this opportunity will then be the ones paying for this operating system, Mindblower!

  2. YES. I’ve long believed that MS’ (and others’) penchant for cloud apps and pushing us to the skies is motivated by the intent to rent. 🙂 In other words, forcing a subscription method on all of us.

    $25/year is not much, I agree. However, start adding the yearly and/or monthly fees for the use of cloud applications – some are already charging – and while you are at it, have a look at websites which are beginning to think along the lines of charging for a peek at their pages. Yes. I fear that is where we are going.

    I, and others like me, are accused of not liking change. I would say (because I am speaking for myself) that I do not like change that costs me more $. I do not like change that forces me to use applications that require an internet connection. I do not like change that has me using applications that can be suddenly modified, replaced, or even killed while my system is off, or maybe in the middle of a sentence. Surprise! Your word processor has just been murdered. Too bad. Try a new one on NO thank you.

    I will agree that such a setup may work for some people, and I know many folks don’t mind at all. Me, I do not do much socializing online, nor do I watch televisions shows – that’s what my big screen TV is for – nor do I download movies (yet). My computers are for work. I write. I keep books a set of books. sometimes I setup a database for someone. I love coming to websites like this one and learning something about computers and software. Yes, I am a software junkie. — Have you noticed how many sites like this are dying? — Another topic, I know.

    Having said more than I intended, I will add this: If things keep moving in this direction, the day will come when, whether I like cloud computing or not will not be the issue. The issue will be that I won’t be able to afford it.

  3. Brenda Colbath

    BTW has anyone said how much the yearly cost will be? I dislike FREE trials that do not state up front what it will cost after the FREE trial. I am using the cloud a tiny bit with dropbox, but am cautious. I also will never let anyone have remote control of my machine. Just call me untrusting of big business.

    1. Brenda, the way things stand now there is no annual cost and Windows 10, when it’s launched, is not a free trial.
      If you are running Windows 7 or 8, you will be eligible for a FREE upgrade to 10 if you take it up during the first year following its launch.
      This is as least how we understand it anyway.
      I hope my article wasn’t confusing or misleading in any way.

  4. As long as there’s free Linux, never gonna happen. For me at least. I think it would be a good way to push Linux to the desktop (a subscription fee).

  5. I am looking forward to getting rid of Windows 8 and getting a free upgrade to Windows 10. But like Kell, I would not want to have to rely on renting Windows if it meant also having to relying on the Cloud to use it or its apps. Unlike Kell, I go on the internet nearly every time I log into my computer. But I still wouldn’t like to have to rely on the Cloud for my OS or apps because when your ISP’s servers go down, which they do occasionally, it would mean you couldn’t do anything on your computer – even print a document. So if that day ever comes, it will be time for me to jump ship and install Linux!

  6. I own 4 genuine retail copies of Windows and 1 upgrade copy of W8. If MS offers a genuine copy of W10 for pirated copies of W7 or W8, then can I get a rebate for the money I have spent. In no way will I support MS or W10 if this turns out to true. I do still know how to reformat and install what I want. Daniel.

  7. Not everyone on this planet has unlimited high speed internet. Cloud computing is just not possible for me as I pay by the MB for my connection, and if Windows ultimately requires internet connection, then I will have to find another OS. My fear with this “free” upgrade to W10 is that during its lifetime, MS will come out and say that to keep it running, you will have to pay its monthly or annual subscription fee. I am using 8.1 and after getting used to it, it seems to work fine, so I hesitate to take advantage of this “free” upgrade. I learned a long time ago that, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.

    1. Ralph, Windows 8.1 was a *free* upgrade to Windows 8.0, so there are free lunches, Mindblower!

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