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    How To Fix Black Screen In VLC

    I decided to watch some videos only to end up with no video and a black screen in VLC, but the sound was working. The videos worked in other media players. After trying various solutions online, I found one that works. Fixing The Black Screen In VLC, go to Tools, then Preferences, or use the […]

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    How To Remove Audio From Video With VLC

    I had a small video that I wanted to remove the background audio from before uploading to Facebook. You can do this using VLC. Here’s how. Open VLC and then go to Media (top left-hand corner), then Convert/Save… or press on Ctrl + R. In the Open Media box, click on the Add… button or […]

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    How To Download Older Versions Of VLC

    For reasons beyond my understanding, I decided out of the blue to update my VLC media player. So across the top menu, I clicked on Help then Check For Updates… I had version 3.0.6 and version 3.0.7 was available so I accepted the prompts to download and install the update. Bad mistake. My videos now […]

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    How To Create A Playlist In VLC

    When I have a bunch of videos that I want to play, I usually play them one by one in my download folder, opening the video to watch it, then close it and repeat for each of the other videos I want to watch. But there is a way to automate this by creating a […]

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    How To Customize Your VLC Toolbar

    When you open VLC to play a video you usually have the controller toolbar at the bottom, i.e., the bar with all the buttons like Play, Stop, etc. You can actually customize that bar by either adding or removing buttons. Two buttons I like to add are Snapshot (the camera icon) to take screen shots, […]

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    How To Use Playback Shortcuts In VLC, MPC

    When we upload a video to YouTube we are offered three thumbnails, chosen by some Google algorithm, but you do have the choice of uploading your own custom thumbnail, too. For that reason, amongst others, I needed to find a way of browsing through a particular section of a video so that it could be […]

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    How To Remove Green Lines On VLC

    VLC Video Glitch VideoLAN Media Player (VLC) is a popular choice to replace the bundled Windows media players. In Windows 10 that would be Movies and TV; before that it was Windows Media Player. I upgraded my VideoLAN Media Player one day only to discover that there was a thin green line on the right-hand […]

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    How To Take Screen Shots With VLC

    Screen Shots Before VLC At one time it was nearly impossible to take a screen shot of a movie scene because of a thing called interlacing. If you tried using the Print Screen button, I can tell you from experience that all you would have gotten was a black screen. Eventually, media players developed the […]