How To Stream Video From Archive.com w/VLC

I came across a post on Reddit about someone trying to stream from archive.org (the people trying to back up the internet) so I decided to check it out. It can be done. I’ll give you the same answer that I gave that Redditor.

Go to the actual video you want to play. In this case, I’m going to stream 60 Minutes because this is what the person on Reddit was trying to stream: https://archive.org/details/capture-a-2_202010

The URL web address will not work directly so what you have to do is on the video page, scroll down until you see the Download options.


Right-click on one of the video download links. In this case, it’s either H.264 or Windows Media.


(Ed note: You can download VLC here.)

Click on Copy link address (Opera), Copy link (Firefox), or Save link as (Chrome), depending on your browser. Then open VLC and click on Media, then Open Network Stream, paste it where you see Please enter a network URL: and click on Play.


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