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I’ve traded barbs with my friend James Hillier, seen his wonderful visage, spoken with him for many hours, and have not played a single game of chess. How wonderful. These things have all been made possible by VOIP (a rose by any other name – Skype).

The acronym VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has become ubiquitous of late. It is a system whereby you can call, with your phone or computer, another person on the other ‘side’ of the globe. With real-time video. With real-time audio. Free of charge. Given the connection terms are met, this is possible. Amazing! And true Star Trek futuristic achievements become available to the common man.

“Beam Me Up, Scotty!”

In the not-too-distant past, this was the stuff of dreams. I’m sure you have read many reports over the years about how this and that will come to pass. Well, VOIP is now a reality and I find it to be an amazing feat of technology.

Granted, it doesn’t take much to impress me. Every new thing these “kids think of these days” seems brilliant to me. I love them and duly hope they continue to impress this old mind. “Good for them!”, I say.

I never knew much about Australia, from where Jim hails. I’ve always dreamed. I probably still don’t know much about Australia, but it’s not for lack of trying. I do know more now than I did before my introduction to Skype. I have met and befriended a guy that goes by the name of James Hillier. That name should be familiar to any one of you who read the articles here at DCT. Without VOIP technology, this would never have been possible.

I get to see his mug, listen to his wonderful Oz accent, and get a perspective on world views from a different ‘side’ of the globe. Besides, we even get to commingle in a little bit of gossip– something men are never allowed to do. It’s taboo.

Jim has not only been supportive but has actually been fun to talk to. Imagine that! And I can do it all from here to there in the comfort of my own home. Granted, I still have to look at his mug. Life is, after all, a give and take venture. 🙁   I suppose I could turn off the video portion of the feed. Hmmmmm…


I love Skype and want to thank Jim for ‘turning me on’ to it.

Skype has broadened my horizons in ways that I could not have previously imagined. Talking to a guy in Australia with real-time video can’t be beat. Especially when it doesn’t cost you one red cent. Have I mentioned at one time or another that I like Free?

If you do not have a Skype account, then please consider taking advantage of this great opportunity and get one now. Don’t delay. Time’s awastin’. <–(Spellchecker has a problem with this)

You’ll never know what friends await you in the etherland if you don’t give this a shot. (Spellchecker didn’t like the ‘etherland’ thing either)

My advice? Get a Skype account now!  You can connect to the world and make a new friend just like I did at this Skype Link.

Note: I have no affiliation with Skype nor will I gain any remuneration from them for writing this article. I just happen to like Skype and wanted to pass this information and my opinion along to you.

“You can’t catch fish if you don’t get your line wet” ~ Unknown Wise Man


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  1. Hi Richard,

    Nice article. I was sold on Skype ages ago and spoke regularly to my lifetime school friend when we first began school there at 5 yrs old in the UK, after spending many years WRITING LETTERS when our family migrated to Australia.
    I am an FBB member and live in the same part of Australia as King Jim ..


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