Yes, You Can Play Flash on an iPad

puffinSometimes, my friends will lament to me the fact that they wanted to watch something in Flash on their iPad or iPhone but couldn’t since Apple devices do not support Flash.   This tends to be a common misconception.  While it is true that Apple’s default browser, Safari, does not support Adobe Flash Player, a quick search for ‘flash browser’ in the App Store shows that the ability to play Flash on an iOS device is not a lost cause.

I am a fan of Puffin Web Browser.   It’s pretty darn fast and does a decent job of rendering Flash.  One of the nice features about Puffin is that you can download the free app, Puffin Web Browser Free, and try out the Flash feature for two weeks.  If you decide that it meets your needs, you can upgrade to the paid version for $2.99.  A pretty cheap way to watch Flash.

There may be an accessibility issue for those of you that live outside of the U.S.   Puffin’s data centers are in the U.S. and the cloud servers can only access public web sites from US geolocations.  For users outside the U.S. local content, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible due to geo-restrictions of your home country.

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  1. Does Puffin browser work with Apple TV? When I try to AirPlay from my iPad, I’m getting sound (sometimes) but no picture. Tried restarting and checking all connections but no success.

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