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I’m one of those people who have tons of little bits of paper notes on my desk and I decided I wanted to try some Sticky Notes. Not the paper ones but digital, on my computer. I believe Windows 7 had a built-in sticky note utility, Vista had it has a gadget, Windows 10 requires a Windows Store download. I decided to look elsewhere.

And this is where I ended up:

I downloaded and installed it. No bundled anything to worry about. And I got my sticky notes.


When you open a note you will see a three-dot menu by the X. Click on this for more options.


You can change the colour, opacity, change the size, and so on. Notice the Delete Note option on the menu. If you click on the X, the note closes but is not deleted. Clicking on the icon in the system or notification area will open your notes again or double-click to create a new one.


If you delete a note, you get an option to undo, so either undo or X it out.


This program sets up to start up automatically with Windows so you shouldn’t lose your notes if you restart your system.

Right-clicking on the note will bring up some other formatting options. Change the font, colour, or whatever suits your fancy.


So it’s just a matter for me to get in the habit of using this and hopefully fewer paper notes. Do you use sticky notes, paper, or digital? What’s your favourite sticky notes software? Let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Simple Sticky Notes”

  1. Yes I too, am one of those ‘notes everywhere’ people. Every envelope ends up with copious notes on the back or front where ever the most white space is.
    I have been thinking about sticky notes and yes at some point I also had that software bundled into my Windows.
    May have been as far back as XP.
    Anyway I have downloaded this small app, I’ll give it a fair trial and report.
    So far I have several things on my list. I like to cross them out once completed or tick to indicate started.
    I can do those things because the app is very simple using Word.
    I’ll just keep the same note rolling until it fails.

  2. NOTEZILLA user here too….though it is a costly app, particularly at first purchase, it is the most powerful digital sticky note app of any anywhere. Not only because you can stick notes to obvious places or log them into personally customized folders, but YOU CAN STICK THEM TO WEB PAGES FROM WHICH THEY WILL DISPLAY EACH TIME YOU REVISIT THE PAGE…a invaluable feature for researchers.

    1. OMG Richard! I would have the WWW filled with stickies!
      But that does sound like a fantastic setup.
      However, I think when it comes to freeware that doesn’t contain maliciousware, this one we are discussing here today seems pretty good.

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