Security Pack Deal – 6 Products for the Price of One

StickyPassword, makers of the excellent password manager of the same name, is offering a “Security Pack” deal including 6 heavily discounted products:

Click image for full size

Click image for full size

  • StickyPassword: Excellent password manager – license is LIFETIME
  • Avira Pro: Top notch antivirus – license is 1 year
  • SpyShelter Premium: Highly regarded anti keylogger – license is 1 year
  • TigerVPN: Virtual Private Network service – license is 1 year
  • Auslogics BootSpeed 7: PC optimizer – license is 1 year
  • Degoo: Secure cloud storage


*Auslogics has recently released BootSpeed 8 so the version included in this package (v7) is not the most up-to-date version.

*Degoo cloud storage causes me some concern. Firstly, the service is offering 100GB FREE storage for anyone who signs up anyway. Looks like this deal is for Degoo Premium and includes 2000GB of data for 6 months, which would be overkill for most home users and therefore probably not terribly good value.

Degoo: Free vs Premium

Degoo: Free vs Premium

Secondly, the service has attracted a number of negative comments through the WOT site rating service. However, these comments are quite old now (circa 2014) so things may have changed.

*TigerVPN: There are so many VPN services available now and I admit to knowing little about TigerVPN. All I can tell you is that the company is based in Slovakia and has been providing its VPN service for some time – check out TigerVPN’s Privacy policy here:

Excerpt from TigerVPN's privacy page

Excerpt from TigerVPN’s privacy page

Regardless, this is a pretty good deal which includes several quality products, especially if you’re looking for a professional password manager – the StickyPassword lifetime license alone covers the cost of the entire package.

*Available through to the end of July.


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  1. Hi,
    Co-founder of Degoo here. I’ve tried to address the concerns the reviewers at WOT had but unfortunately they refused to change the factually incorrect statements in the reviews. For instance, they claim that we are inactive and only collect e-mails but you can see at our website that we are very much active. You can see our discussion here:

    I’d love to answer any questions or concerns you might have about our service.

    Carl Hasselskog
    CEO, Degoo

  2. Since the Mac days, I’ve been an avid user of 1Password. However, I must say that their offer for the Windows platform isn’t as good as the Mac one. I never felt the need for a change, but lately I’ve been using Linux more often as well so I thought that, maybe, a multi platform password manager wouldn’t be so bad.
    I realize that StickyPassword works only on Windows and OSX, still I was wondering if you had any experience with the password manager offers and what did you think of it.