Paragon Giveaway: Backup & Recovery 16 for Free

Paragon is currently giving away free copies of its latest Backup & Recovery (16) software… free for everyone, offer expires 1st November.

Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 is a full blown backup suite which includes the ability to create and restore full system images, including restoring to different hardware (Windows 8 and up), file and folder backups, differential and incremental, mounting images, plus a number of useful tools.


Simply visit Paragon’s promotion page here: Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 for Free, download (92MB), install, and activate.

paragon-backup & recovery-download

The activation process is a tad convoluted and requires registering for a Paragon account. However, full instructions are included on the promotion page under: How to obtain your free serial.

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  1. Is it 8.1 and up, meaning not Windows 7.

    It appears to have been written that way, and if so it is no big deal, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are OS’s similar to a new vehicle without a steering wheel, the computer controls the operator but the computer can’t change a wheel with a punctured tyre and there is no jack or wheel spanners in the boot.
    Maybe the meaning of Windows 10 is, “Give us 10 years to try to get it right.”
    Brit Navy, US and Australian government organisations still use Windows XP pay Microsoft to keep their programs updated.
    As usual, the ‘sheeple’ fell for another rip-off con trick Windows 10, free, then upgrades wreck part of the ‘primitive’ system.

  2. Cannot get the license when login into the new customer system… And I don’t want to install it yet. Thanks anyway for this nice offer.

    • Hi David,

      I’d be disappointed if that were the case, as there is nothing on the promotion page which indicates any such limitation. Can you please provide details on how you know this for a fact?