Orange you glad you visited DCT?

Does something look out of place? Is there something different, but maybe you can’t put your finger on it? Well, you are not alone!

DCT has a new look!

DCT-small Times change and so does technology. We often speak of the good ol’ days, but as each of us are geeks at heart a little “technology” change is usually a good thing!

DCT has been a fairly static arrangement over the years. First as static hand coded pages and after our move to a CMS (content management system) as a static display – meaning a fixed width – much to the ire of of folks using the newest mobile technology and those who use lower display resolutions. We’ve tried many different fixes, tricks, and hacks to accommodate every visitor, but there was never a solution that provided optimal viewing for each and every one… Until now.

DCT also was a bit, oh how do I say this? Amateurish in design. I’m by no means graphically gifted and always had trouble coloring within the lines, so this isn’t a surprise to anyone who knows me. I do my best, but my best never presented a truly professional appearance to the visitor. A quick example of my stellar design skill is the color blue which has had a starring role in each previous iteration of DCT. Blue is my favorite color, of course, and I just couldn’t help but subconsciously include it.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

I present to you Daves Computer Tips 3.0! A modern and simplistic design with a “clean” feel to it. Most important is the fact that this theme is “responsive” to the user. It scales based on the visitor’s viewing device all the while keeping a consistent look and feel. You can now view DCT on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and everything in between. Be the first to tell your friends or a complete stranger!

I will be honest, though. Everything isn’t yet perfect and I appreciate your patience as we all learn this new interface and its limitations.

Yes, I do know it is orange. It will grow on you… I promise. Hey, at least it isn’t blue!

14 thoughts on “Orange you glad you visited DCT?”

  1. For me, the last theme worked better on my smartphone, and the appearance on my desktop is just a massive turnoff. Sorry.

  2. Hi Dave I think the new look is great. For me it is much easier to read and expands well to suit my 24″ monitor.
    When I get time I will check it out on my Nexus 7.

    Like the menu layout too as it is less crowded and easier to follow.

  3. Renders just fine on notebook and desktop.Nice clean look and better organized.
    I’m not thrilled with orange,though it does match the Firefox menu tab.
    No matter the opinions,I think we would all agree that you should be commended for making an honest effort to update the site.

  4. I appreciate everyone taking the time to let me know there thoughts on the new look – both good and bad.
    Keep them coming and if you notice something that looks “out of whack” let us know!

    I would also have liked to move to a larger server, but that just isn’t in the cards right now.

  5. HI, Dave,
    The look of the site is not as important as the content. Over the years your site has provided me with a wealth of infomation that would have cost be hundreds of dollars to learn elsewhere.
    Thank you.
    Blue or orange or avacodo. It makes no difference to me.

  6. I like the new look. Of course Orange is one of “my” colours.
    But colours aside, this is a very helpful site.
    thanks Dave, for all your help & tips.

  7. I think that new new look has a modern feel to it, the colour dosnt really matter to me its the content of the site that does it.
    Having said that, good work on your behalf Dave!

  8. Always good to read your tips on a Sunday morning. Don’t really care what colour they come in. I have to say when I saw the orange I thought you had teamed up with a certain phone company, or are they no longer in existence? hard to keep up to speed in this part of the world.

  9. Hi Dave,
    No matter the colour of the book cover, the inner information and advice is what counts.
    (Looks good anyway Dave, thanks)

  10. Hi Dave, do what you like with the site, love the newsletter which ever way you do it.
    Best regards.

  11. Like so many others, what the site looks like is not as important to me as the content. I must say that the site looks fresh and new and modern. I like the orange BTW, helps this old guy find the correct button, like below – “Submit Comment”. Just want to say thanks for the content and efforts you and others put in here to help all of us non techies, who know just enough to get us into trouble. Keep up the great work!

  12. I was just cruising around the site and found a small issue: I was on the Giveaway page and there is a banner ad suggesting I download now. Part of that add is hidden on the right hand side, and it is a little misleading, more so because some of the ad is hidden and someone may mistake it for the button to use to download the giveaway. Just my thoughts. Thanks for a great site.

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