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Have you ever received a form attached to an email or downloaded from the internet that needs to be filled out? Unless it was built to be filled out online, you have to print a copy. Then you fill it out by hand, sign it, and snail-mail it to the company. Or you scan the completed form and email the resultant PDF to them.

DocHub is a free online PDF annotator and document signing platform. DocHub lets users add text, draw, add signatures and make document templates. DocHub can integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, and Box accounts.

The Sample Form


The above sample form is available on my website at RWEvans.Open it and then save it on your computer if you wish to follow along. 

Whether you use my sample form or one that you have been sent from someone else to have filled out, the form is on your computer as a PDF. You can print it, but what about entering your data right on the form so you can save it and then send it by email. 

Edit In DocHub


Log in to the DocHub website using your email address, Facebook, or Twitter. Then click New and drag the PDF file to Drop File Here. Or click to Import File From and locate the file using File Explorer.


The form displays in a format that allows editing. You can white out anything on the form, add text, and even add a signature. I will not go over all the possibilities here. Let’s just fill out some of the entries on the form and add a signature.


Click the “A” on the toolbar and drag a box where you want to add text. Type the text and then drag a box around the next field.


Note that the menu button (9 squares) allows you to move the field. The trash can deletes it. You can return to a previous field and move it around to fit into the required space on the form.

Let’s add a signature. This site will either have you sign the form using your mouse or touchscreen. If you have a copy of your signature in a JPG file, you can upload and use it.


Click the Sign pull-down arrow. Click Create your signature.


Click Draw and using the mouse, write your name. When you are satisfied with it, click Save. Now you have created and saved your signature for this and future use.


Scroll down the page to the location for the signature, then click Sign in the toolbar and select the signature you created. Drag it to the field on the form and using the circles in each corner enlarge the signature to fit the field.

Download Completed Form


When you have completed the form, click the download button in the upper right of the page.


With Computer selected, click Download.


Give it a new name and location and then click Save. The completed PDF is now on your computer.


With this online program, there is no need for purchasing expensive software to fill out PDF forms. I hope you find it a useful addition to your toolbox.


5 thoughts on “Online PDF Annotator – DocHub”

  1. Hello, what a great and well-needed program. I have needed it in the past and I will more than likely need it in the future, so thank you so much for making life just a little bit easier and nicer. You are very much appreciated

  2. Kent Hinrichsen

    I use a pdf program called “nitro reader” which allows easy completion of fillable pdf files, it has a text addition option that allows you to fill forms not downloaded as fillable, plus a signature addition option, and is totally free, can be found at this site -https://www.gonitro.com/pdf-reader — I’ve been using it for several years now and have never had a problem with it.
    So far I have never had a need to create my own pdf files, but this program will, and they should be compatible with other pdf readers
    Kent Hinrichsen

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