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Build your own computer desk – all you need is a few old PCs, plus… what is that, a door?

computer desk

Try a Reboot?

life support

Speaks for Itself!

pie chart - software updates

Who’s the Boss?

who's the boss

One Upmanship?


*Once again these images, or ideas for the images, are courtesy of MajorGeeks, DCT’s recommended download site.


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Jim is the resident freeware aficionado at DCT. A computer veteran with 30+ years experience who first started writing about computers and tech back in the days when freeware was actually free. His first computer was a TRS-80 in the 1980s, he progressed through the Commodore series of computers before moving to PCs in the 1990s. Now retired (aka an old geezer), Jim retains his passion for all things tech and still enjoys building and repairing computers for a select clientele... as well as writing for DCT, of course.

One Comment

  1. That first picture looks a lot like my first computer desk. It was made of milk crates though with an old desk top so the hight was even left to right.

    The second picture actualy makes sense. It’s worth a try. Who knows, it might actually work.

    So true with the updates

    Yes, we are ALL held captive by the Electric companies.