Monitor Reviews: Are they the pits

So you’ve decided to buy a new monitor, picked out a brand and model and are now searching around the net for reviews. You come across an editorial review and click on the link only to discover that the review consists of 2 pages full of meaningless technological gibberish.

multiple monitors 2

What are these reviewers thinking!? Two pages of generally incomprehensible terminology, interspersed with equally incomprehensible charts and graphs, when all we really want to know is – is the bloody thing any good!?

Message to monitor reviewers – KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Some monitor reviewers do in fact include a brief précis of their findings, often presented in the form of a simple list of “Pros” and “Cons”, before they launch into the usual verbose and complex evaluation – and to these particular reviewers, I doffs me hat.

The other aspect I find annoying is that these experts always manage to find something negative to say about every monitor they review, seemingly never satisfied. It’s almost as if they have to find fault in order to confirm their expertise, or perhaps justify their existence. Whatever, it does not help make selection any easier.

I recently purchased two new monitors. I actually only needed one, but that’s another story. These monitors may only be available in Australia, so if you can’t locate the exact model number in your country, that could be why.

Anyway, here are my reviews for the two monitors:

#1 Phillips 247E68 24″ LED Monitor


Absolutely brilliant!!

See how easy that was Mr. Monitor Reviewer, summed up succinctly in just two words. I could go on to say that the superb contrast and colors on this monitor make for a brilliantly vivid display, and the 2 x 3watt built-in stereo speakers deliver quality audio – but even that expanded information requires no more than a single paragraph.

#2 Samsung S22D300H 22″ LED Monitor

samsung monitor

Absolute crap!!

There you go, that’s all we really need to know, isn’t it? Again, I could expand by saying that the display on this monitor is awful with poor contrast and insipid colors contributing to a washed out, flat picture (even after settings adjustments), plus, no built-in speakers. And again, just one paragraph – a long way off two whole pages.

Needless to say, I bought the Samsung first because I needed a spare monitor and it was priced right. But then, shortly after and in true Murphy’s Law fashion, saw the superior Phillips, with larger display and quality speakers build-in, advertized on special for a mere $20 more than the Samsung. Grrr!

Anyone want a near new Samsung 22″ LED Monitor, going cheap? 😉


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