Microsoft Patch Tuesday August 2012 | 9 Patches, 5 Critical


Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday is the second Tuesday of the month. That important date will be August 14 this month.

This is a list of the upcoming patches that Microsoft will be doling out very soon:


Here is the list of patches that are specific to Windows 7:


Image List sources


It is a very important day for Windows and Microsoft’s other products as well.

I strongly suggest that you keep your Windows system up-to-date. It is a very basic step towards protecting your computer from the malicious folks on the internet.

You may see all the lists of the affected software right here: MS Security Bulletin

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Patch Tuesday August 2012 | 9 Patches, 5 Critical”

  1. Just a heads up to all HP Pavilion DV6 laptop’s regarding these patches. I had major issues getting the 64bit patches to install at all, they just kept failing but this has never happened before, finally after many hours looking for a fix for these problems I came across a blog on the Microsoft Answers website which helped me sort this all out and after following the suggestions to install the relevant patches in groups of two all is now well.

    The patches in question were:- KB2722913, KB2705219, KB2712808, KB2731847, KB2647753, KB2729094, KB2732487, KB2732500 and after following the advice to install them two at a time starting with KB2722913, KB2705219, then restarting my laptop after every install all went okay but it took over half an hour of installing and rebooting to get it done. I am not sure if this is just a problem with HP Pavilion DV6 model laptops but just to let you folks know if you come across this issue on other computers then this is what worked for me and many others.

    The website link is:- in case you want to read for yourselves.

    I for one would like to know why this has suddenly become an issue and I will be not looking forward to next month’s episode if this is going to now be a long-standing issue because if that is the case then it looks like it’s goodbye Microsoft hello Ubuntu.

  2. I have 14 patches for Tuesday, none are listed as critical when looking ay the history.

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