Lose Your Android Phone? Just Google It!

Just Google It

You know the expression that everyone uses, “Just Google it.” There are other writers at DCT that abhor Google. I am the Queen of Google, though, and proud to say so. I cannot imagine what I would do without Google Maps, Drive, Chrome, Mail, Hangouts, etc. I love Google for everything it does to make my life easier.

I know I am not alone when it comes to losing things. Some people lose their keys. I have been known to lose my mind (I raised three children all one year apart), my place in the book I was reading, as well as my mobile phone. Today, I lost my mobile phone. Many of you know my pain. Some people might have a panic attack and feel disconnected at the thought of losing their phone. There is actually a name for those that go through withdrawal of their mobile phone– nomophobia.

Those that know me know that I am not your typical mobile device user. I was upset, but I kind of enjoyed the quiet. I use my phone, though, to take photos and that upset me more than using it as a phone. I was frantic, thinking the last thing I need is to have to purchase another phone (even though I still use a Samsung Galaxy S4 and was eligible for an upgrade a long time ago). I started to retrace my steps thinking, “Where could I have left it?”

My Catholic upbringing taught me to pray to St. Anthony when I lost something. Well, St. Anthony must’ve been on vacation as he did not help at all. I went out to my truck and started looking under the seats. I found the phone holster, a dime, and an old McDonalds french fry, but no phone.

When it comes to Technology there are so many ways to accomplish a task. There are third-party Apps that are available to help you, but my go-to option is Google.

How to Locate Your Phone With Google

  1. Launch a Web Browser from a phone, tablet or computer.
  2. Skip on over to Google if it is not your default Search Engine or Home Page.
  3. Type find my phone
  4. Tap on find my device
  5. Enter your eMail address and password just as though you were checking your email.

You are now given multiple options once it locates your phone:

  • You can Ring your phone so that it makes noise. Come on now, admit it, we have all done this at one time or another to locate a missing mobile. If the phone is not nearby, this feature is worthless.
  • You can lock your phone so that whoever finds the phone can’t access your home screen.
  • You can erase your phone. This is useful if you know there is no way you can retrieve your phone. This is a last ditch attempt if you ask me.

Do you have nomophobia? Which of your technology devices can’t you live without?

What is your go-to method for locating your lost device?

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  1. Thanks Sherri. Helpful post, which I will store in Evernote to refer to should the worst happen. Trouble is, will I remember I have stored it in Evernote? ?

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