Laptop Running Windows 8.1 Shows Battery at 79% but not Charging

laptopsA woman recently brought me her Windows 8 laptop because of a virus popping up on her system. It was a virus that seems to infect the Chrome browser the most, where the browser freezes with a pop-up window claiming there is an infection along with a female voice saying you need to call a certain number to fix it.

One of the things she asked me was if I had a power adapter because her’s wasn’t working properly. I didn’t have one to offer her but, fortunately, I could use my own on her system. When I tried starting up the computer with her cord plugged in I couldn’t get the computer started up. I assumed the battery wasn’t charged and that’s when I decided to use my cord.

I plugged it in, started up the system and ran my usual cleaning ritual. Using Ccleaner to clean up the system. Using the Tools > Startup in Ccleaner to disable any unnecessary Startup options then running Malwarebytes and then Adwcleaner. Restarting the laptop if requested after each scan and then I then reset all browsers.

I ran Malwarebytes first and admit I did something stupid this time. I noticed the battery power was at 79% and it said the battery was not charging. I decided to unplug the computer to see what would happen, this was with Malwarebytes still running and the computer went off. So I had to plug it in again, restart the system and restart Malwarebytes. Again the battery power read 79% and not charging.

battery not charging

I assumed the battery had gone bad but, usually when this is the case, Windows picks up on it by displaying a message that the battery is bad and suggesting it be replaced. So while the scanners where running I went on-line on my own computer and did a little research on this issue. I came across some interesting info on

So following this article I went to the device manager and:

  • disabled the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and then
  • shut down the system.
  • Unplugged the power.
  • Took out the battery.
  • Plugged in the power turned on the computer.
  • Went to the device manager and enabled the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery,
  • shut down the computer again.
  • Put in the battery, plugged it in and turned on the computer again.

It immediately started recharging again as normal!

Sometimes it seems the software that monitors the battery is actually what’s causing the issue.


9 thoughts on “Laptop Running Windows 8.1 Shows Battery at 79% but not Charging”

  1. Are you the one that posted the link to howtogeek for the registry entry to disable the W10 install? If so it worked well with my W7.

    1. Sorry, I misread your comment. I did post a link to about windows 10. I commented on a number of articles from different forums over a period of time but can’t remember them all.

  2. It is not a good idea to use a different power supply unless the voltage output is identical and it can provide at least as much current as the correct one. Many notebooks will *run* from an incorrect AC adaptor, but they will not charge the battery unless the input voltage is correct and there is enough current.

  3. What got rid of the infection and the female voice?
    Which software removed this?

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