How To Repair Avast Corrupted Notifications

The only thing worse than popups is corrupted popups or Notifications. I’m referring to the ones from my anti-virus program, Avast.

Here’s what pops up if I go to a site with something suspicious on it. There used to be an X in the top right-hand corner for closing these Notifications but not here.


The only way I could close this window was to right-click on the icon down on the Taskbar and then click on “Close window”.


Here are the ones that pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, the ones trying to sell you the junk products that at one time they use to try to protect you from. This one wouldn’t even screenshot. I had to use my camera to get a picture. But at least it had scroll bars so I could get to the X to close it.


I went online but couldn’t find any info on fixing it. I knew there was a repair option built into Avast so I decided to give it a shot. The Notifications don’t seem like a big deal but if these are not working properly, what else might have gone wrong?

How To Repair Avast

Right-click on the icon down in the System Tray and click on “Open Avast user interface”. You might have to click on the upward-pointing arrow first if the Avast icon is not showing.


When Avast opens, click on “Menu” in the top right-hand corner.


Then click on “Settings”.


Now click on “Troubleshooting”.

avast-menu-settings- troubleshooting

You now have a bunch of options there but before you repair, you might want to back up any custom settings. So click on “BACK UP SETTINGS” first. Save to a folder on your hard drive. Then click on the Green “REPAIR APP” button.


It will ask you to confirm your choice so click on “YES”.


Then it will start the repair. Simply wait. It took a few minutes on my system.

avast-performing-a- repair

Then it will suggest a Restart. Let it. Click on “RESTART NOW”.


A new popup – click on “RESTART NOW”.


Let the system restart and now everything is back to normal.


Go back to the troubleshooting screen and use the “RESTORE SETTINGS” button to restore any custom settings that you may have lost (if you backed them up first).

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