How To Reactivate Skype Credit


There was a time when I used Skype quite extensively and I’ve had an account with it for well over a decade. However, with the likes of WhatsApp and others, all my calls are usually app-to-app over WiFi and therefore free. But landline calls, such as to other countries, are not free, which is when I still use Skype, for which one needs to buy credit. The secret is to keep that credit active because after 180 days of inactivity, it can be lost, or so I thought.

Skype is owned by Microsoft and to be fair, the company does send reminders that credit is about to deactivate, but not expire, which is how I originally interpreted the emails. I had €13 credit and thought I would lose it forever, but by following the steps provided, I was able to reactivate my credit in just a few minutes. Naturally, there are numerous security protocols to get past, of which I am not complaining, what with so much hacking going on nowadays. But it’s an easy process that I would recommend if your credit has become inactive. Alternatively, just make the odd call to keep it active.


One of the main reasons I keep Skype credit active is for calling overseas landlines. For example, today I had to call a UK government department knowing that I would be on the line for some time. As it turned out, the call was 34 minutes and only cost €0.74, which in my book is very good value.

I must iterate that if your Skype credit becomes inactive, it hasn’t expired or been taken away from you. That was a misunderstanding on my part.

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