How To Download Your Data From Facebook

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Facebook has changed a heck of a lot since I started using it in 2007 and most of it for the better, so whilst I was idling away half an hour or so when I really should have been doing something a tad more constructive, I discovered that you can download all your data from Facebook since the day you signed up and it’s as easy as falling off a log.


Click the little down arrow next to the padlock, then Settings and then download a copy of your Facebook data. You may be prompted to re-enter your password for security and, once that’s done, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your download is ready. In my case, the zip file was about 34Mb and contained all the photos I’d ever posted along with messages, posts and my profile.



That’s it!

A handy tip, especially if you value all that stuff you’ve posted on the world’s number one social media site over the years.


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3 thoughts on “How To Download Your Data From Facebook”

  1. Raguveeradayal

    Mr. Marc Thomas,
    Thanks for your guidance to download Facebook data.
    I want to share some facebook photos to whatsapp or Telegram. I am able to share single photos — that too from my android mobile only. But there is no option to batch sharing of say 10+ photos to Telegram or Whatsapp. Is there any way?

  2. It’s easy with Whatsapp.
    Click attachment top right (paper clip)>gallery and then press and hold one photo and then the next photos you wish to send.

  3. This was interesting to know. I’ve always wanted to download chat histories, however, after doing this procedure, I noticed it did NOT download the entire chat history for a friend of mine. Not sure why, it doesn’t detail in the FB articles whether or not there is a length cut off. Also, the chats, when opened up, are difficult to read, but this is a a FB flaw. I’d be happy even if I could just print out a chat from the start, but that’s nearly impossible to do if its a year or more. Thanks for the info!

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