How To Convert Text To Table In Word

Table tools can make lists far easier to customize and reorganize. Let’s say you would like to convert your contact list into a table. Let’s also assume that your list contains names – first, middle, and last. It also contains the city, state, region, and profession of each person.

Now people have, for ages,  used tabs to separate their fields, by adding a tab or two to make longer strings of data. But if you do this, once you convert your table to text, it misplaces all your data.

Using the Convert Text to Table feature allows you to separate your fields (i.e., Name, City, State, etc.) with paragraphs, tabs, commas, or other separator characters, but use only one separator between each field.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

You are provided three options to modify and/or decorate your tables:

  1. Use Table Tools | Design or Table Tools | Layout commands on your Ribbon.
  2. Right-click and use the Shortcut menus.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcuts, which become visible when you press the ALT key on your keyboard.

Easy peasy!

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