Claim Free Games On Amazon Prime


Claim Free Games On Prime

I have a bit of history with Amazon Prime and first signed up a year or so ago for Prime Video. During that short time, I accidentally came across an article telling us that Prime Gaming, which I had never heard of by the way, was giving away free games every week. Anyway, I wasted no time and headed over to Prime Gaming and claimed several games, including the excellent GRID Legends, which I can keep forever.


However, due to local taxes in Argentina, I then cancelled my Prime subscription and forgot all about Prime Gaming. Then in December last year, as the football World Cup was kicking off, I noticed that the deal with my local ISP could include numerous streaming channels, including live sports on ESPN, as well as Prime Video for peanuts, so I signed up straight away. Much like Epic Games, Prime Gaming gives away several free games every week and today I was able to claim QUAKE 4, a classic from ID Software.

It’s worth pointing out that many of the free games need to be claimed through other game platforms such as GOG, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and others. However, the procedure is simplified by linking these accounts to Prime and you simply hop over to the relevant platform and redeem the game using the provided game code. It really couldn’t be simpler.

It’s also worth pointing out that many of these games are expensive, AAA titles, often selling for $60 or more. GRID Legends is one of those, as can be seen by checking out CheapShark, a game pricing aggregator that shows prices and bargains for all games on all platforms. CheapShark doesn’t sell games, by the way.

Prime Gaming App

As if we haven’t got enough game launchers already, along comes Prime Gaming, but it’s different from all the others since it’s not a store as such and offers free games and game content for Prime members. Game content is usually extra for games that you already own if you’re wondering.


I installed the program but unfortunately, there aren’t any Prime games that take my interest.


However, since Amazon announced that the next Tomb Raider game will be exclusive to Prime Gaming, I would have to install the launcher anyway, even though there’s no word yet on what the game is called or even when it will be released.

So, if you’re a gamer and have a Prime account, keep an eye out for free games every week, especially since you’re paying a monthly fee anyway.

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