How To Change Twitter Theme Colors

What Is A Twitter Theme Color

If you are like me, you don’t like following the crowd. I’m not a sheep and I want to make things my own. Saying that, I was working on my Twitter account one day and didn’t like the color theme I had set. Yes, you can change the color theme on your Twitter account. This is something that I think is going to make you very happy. This is something you can do quickly, but you can also take time to make a personalized choice, too. You want to pick a color you like and not necessarily something that Twitter offers you as a suggestion.

What is a theme color? A theme color on Twitter adds color to buttons, links and other aspects of your page. It gives it that personal touch. It’s time to get these steps laid out for you…

How To…

Step 1. Log in to your Twitter account. That part is simple and all of you already know this. Type your info in and click “Log In”

Twitter Log in

Step 2. Now your home page will come up and from here there are two ways you can go. The first way is to go to the left of your page and click on your profile image,

Twitter Image Link

OR, go to the Top Right and click on your Profile Thumbnail Image which will give you a drop-down menu. Select the “View profile” option. Either way, you will be taken to your profile page.

Twitter Profile Link

Step 3. Once on your profile page, go to the Right and below your cover image click on “Edit profile”

Twitter Edit Profile button

Step 4. Now you will want to go back to the left and you will see a button that says “Theme color”. Click it

Theme Color Button

Step 5. A color choice box will appear. Now, don’t get too excited. You might not want to choose one of these colors– we can be original. You notice the box with the numbers and letter in it? If you do not see that box, you should see a plus (+) sign. Just click that. The box will appear with nothing inside. This is something that will our Twitter page the perfect color, so on to the next step before we use that box

Theme Color selection

Theme Color Selection Box

Step 6. Being a web designer, there is something that we often use called HTML color codes (aka, Hex Color Codes). These codes change the colors of your website and that is exactly what we want to do here. Most people don’t know all the codes by heart, or at all, so I will show you some easy ways to find the color code that will change this theme to the color you desire. Let’s start with using Google. I’m a big Denver Broncos fan so I want the orange from my team as my theme color. In the search engine, type in your Team name plus the words “hex color”, or “html color”. You should see a link at the top of your search that says, “Denver Broncos Color Code”, or what ever team you chose. Click it

Google Search Color Codes

Once on the site you will see Hex color codes. All you need to do is copy the HTML Hex color code and paste it in the Theme Color Box on Twitter.

Denver Broncos Color Codes

Other Options: There are a lot of ways to find your color codes online. Here are a few websites that I would recommend when trying to find the color code you desire.

Step 7. Finally, we have decided on a color and have found the HTML color code for it. Obviously, I chose the Denver Broncos’ orange. I have copied the code and pasted it into the Theme Color Box. This will automatically change the color

Theme Color Selection box

Step 8. All you have to do now is click “Save changes” on the left side of the screen

Twitter Save Changes Button

Magic! You have changed your Theme Color on your Twitter Page. As you can see, your links, hashtags, buttons and other highlights are showing in your new color.

Twitter Profile Page

Time to show off your new look and impress everyone. Which team color did you choose? Share below– I would love to know what color you picked.

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