GoDaddy Super Bowl Puppy Ad Causes Furor (video)

GoDaddy has been forced to withdraw its Super Bowl ad featuring a lovable puppy after an animal rights petition collected more than 42,000 signatures in less than 24 hours. Following the outcry, GoDaddy decided to pull the ad, even yanking it from YouTube, but predictably, someone else put it right back up.

The ad, promoting selling puppies online, is supposed to be ironically humorous but animal rights activists certainly didn’t see it that way. Judge for yourself:

Personally, while I can perceive GoDaddy’s intent, the end result is something else… never take liberties involving cute little puppies or kids!

Or, perhaps GoDaddy was working on the theory that any publicity is good publicity.

What do you think?


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  1. Personally I didn’t even find it funny, if I had I’d have likely defended it a little in the name of comedy, but it does leave a little bad taste in ones mouth.

    I’m not on board the whole “it’ll encourage people to sell puppies online” thing because there is likely already a market for it and plenty of people are most probably milking that market to death anyway, so no to the bad influence thing but yes, a little in bad taste and certainly lacking in humour for me.

    Now, if they put the puppy in a box and drop kicked it into the back of a truck for delivery, now that’s comedy !!

    (PS. I really do like dogs and wouldn’t honestly find that funny …. just so you know :))

    • busty chicks …. bikini’s …. sports cars …. ? How predictable do they think us men really are?!!! ………

      (what channel do they usually air those ads Marc?) lol

  2. I didn’t find the commercial funny. But is this the best thing animal rights activists have to complain about? There was nothing offensive about the commercial.
    Perhaps the activists thought the puppy was thrown from the truck on purpose, when it was simply the puppy in the back was accidentally thrown from the truck.
    Either way, it doesn’t take much to offend certain people.

  3. Someone intent on running a puppy mill doesn’t need this ad as encouragement to do so. The idea is already in their mind. Also, the setting doesn’t lend itself to what a puppy mill is. We weren’t shown a lot of puppies in small, filthy cages. It was a BARN.