Giveaways & Contests Reminder (Week 4717)

Giveaways & Contests

Dave’s Computer Tips is working hard to bring top-quality software to our readers. Please note that none of the upcoming contests and giveaways are etched in stone. Changes may be made to this list at any time.

Here’s what’s happening…

Running Now!

Heimdal Security

heimdal-security-logoHeimdal Security has offered DCT readers five (5) licenses for their Pro Security program. Each license is good for three years and currently valued at $87.99 (US) each. This software can run along side your current Antivirus and/or Anti-malware program without conflict.

“Heimdal PRO doesn’t rely on analyzing malware’s code or its behavior. Instead, Heimdal focuses on:
  1. Closing vulnerabilities and mitigating exploits by keeping vulnerable 3rd party programs (Flash, Java, browsers, etc.) always up-to-date. According to US-CERT, that stops more than 85% of attacks targeted towards vulnerable software.
  2. Blocking incoming attacks, ransomware, banking trojans, phishing attempts, drive-by attacks, etc. – by scanning & filtering all your HTTP, HTTPS & DNS traffic.
  3. Blocking malware’s communication to cybercriminal-controlled servers, in order to prevent botnet inclusions & communication, data leakage, ransomware dial back, etc. This is actually the reactive part of Heimdal PRO, protecting from data exfiltration, encryption key download, etc., even if the malware succeeded in infecting the computer.”

You can read all about it and learn how to enter the contest at this Heimdal Security Review And Giveaway page.

Coming Soon!

Ashampoo UnInstaller 7


Ashampoo has kindly offered DCT five licenses for their excellent new UnIstaller 7 software in an upcoming giveaway contest. Five licenses, five lucky winners! Thank you Ashampoo!

“Ashampoo UnInstaller 7 makes it easy to install, test and uninstall applications. Unwanted software, browser extensions and toolbars are gone from your hard disk in just a few clicks! Never before has installation monitoring for leftover-free uninstallations been so extensive and easy to use. Even legacy applications installed prior to UnInstaller can be completely removed thanks to in-depth cleaning! Finally, the innovative super-fast snapshot feature helps you track all system modifications with ease and clarity.”

At the time of writing, you can check out this Uninstaller 7 Page and get a great $20 discount, too!

This contest is scheduled to begin on Monday, December 4. Stay tuned for more!

That’s it for now. Be sure to visit often so you don’t miss these great Contests and Giveaways! And don’t forget, there are other informative and entertaining articles posted by our writers during the week as well.

If you would like to see a specific piece of software promoted as a giveaway contest on DCT, please let us know and we will do our best to make that happen.

5 thoughts on “Giveaways & Contests Reminder (Week 4717)”

  1. Remind your readers that the daily giveaway is not really free and includes spyware and email issues. OK?
    I will check back.

  2. I asked and you asked me a question. Am I missing something?
    What did I ask? Is that not good enough?
    I asked why you do not tell your readers that the daily giveaway can include spyware. Something that this site is against right? Yes or No?
    Now, how may you help me?

  3. Brian. In your original post, you did not ask a question. You simply used a question mark. I am sitting on pins and needles awaiting a reply, more than a few words, so readers including myself can be informed of what you are talking about. I’m sure you might thing we all know things that you personally are aware of, but it is quite the opposite. I like you an a member, not management, and speak my mind, if you care to read my comments. I am sorry if you think otherwise, so please expand on what you started saying, Mindblower!

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