FotoMix and FotoMorph – Beware!!

I believe you’d all be well aware by now that more and more freeware is being bundled with ‘extras’ which have nothing to do with the original product and offer zero extensibility. It is a disturbing trend but one which I can live with provided an option to decline is included.

What I cannot abide is the forced installation of these extras, and that unfortunate tendency is now becoming more and more common place. I was recently preparing to present a couple of nice reviews for the image manipulation freeware FotoMix and FotoMorph, obviously from the same developer. But didn’t even get past the initial installation stage, both include COMPULSORY installation of the Funmoods Toolbar:

NOTE: The options to decline do NOT include the toolbar itself. In my book there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of deception. As I said, this unfortunate trend is definitely on the increase, and it’s nigh on impossible to download and evaluate all the available freeware titles. These days it is imperative to monitor each and every installation closely, step by step, regardless of reputation or source.

I also reiterate our advice to utilize DCT’s recommended download site FreewareBB for all your freeware downloads. FreewareBB is dedicated to providing safe downloads and, with the assistance of an active community, does filter out as many of these these rogue applications as is humanly possible.

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