Facebook Launches a Web Based Messenger

I use Facebook to message my friends and family all the time. Even on my phone I have the Messenger app installed so I can contact my Facebook buddies on the go. Now Facebook has just launched Messenger.com. That’s right, now you can use your messenger online and not have your newsfeed to distract you. Once Facebook announced this I had to go check it out. Let me tell you it has some promise, but like all new things only time will tell.

When you first get to the website it will show the features they offer. You can log in with your Facebook account and right away you will notice the layout is similar to the app on your phone. On the left side you will see the people you have messaged and in the middle a large area for your messages. I did notice that some of the features are not activated yet. This includes the ability to record and send audio messages, take photos with your web cam, and some others. But I expect they will be up and running soon.


Here is a list of some the features the new browser based messenger will include:

• Know when your friends see your text/message
• Make HD calls anywhere in the world
• Snap Photos and Shot Video
• Choose from thousands of stickers (I love stickers)
• Record Voice Messages
• Chat in groups

This is just some of the features on offer. Also you will notice that it is only in English right now but will eventually be offered in additional languages. One of the cool features, if you do not mind pop ups, is the Desktop Notifications: basically when you get a message you will be notified with a little pop up on your computer screen. From what I have seen so far it should be something well worth checking out: https://messenger.com/

Let me know what you think.


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