Facebook – DCT Ban Now Resolved

Readers of DCT will remember that in November 2021 we reported in Facebook Bans Links To Dave’s Computer Tips that all links to our articles on Facebook were being blocked, with a message stating that our content had been reported as abusive.


Naturally, we were all shocked by this, as were DCT readers, and during the ensuing months, countless approaches were made to Meta/Facebook by both readers of DCT and writers alike. Unfortunately, none of these appeals ever received a reply and the stalemate continued into 2023 with no resolution in sight. In fact, we as writers had practically given up on Facebook ever lifting the block on DCT links. I mention this because love or loathe social media, it is, without a doubt, the most effective way to spread the word, so to speak. Most people of the younger generation rely on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites for their daily fix and so DCT needs to have a presence there.

Routine Maintenance

All websites require maintenance and updates as software is improved and updated. These tweaks are carried out in what is known as the backend, so during a scheduled maintenance slot on the Facebook end, which incidentally was not announced to us, the block on DCT links was magically lifted and our status returned to normal. Naturally, we are all delighted that DCT’s good name has been restored and we are able once again to publish our articles on Facebook and, as always, look forward to the continued support of our readers.

3 thoughts on “Facebook – DCT Ban Now Resolved”

  1. Peter Thompson

    Good to here.

    I do wonder why it was banned. It shows more is needed to be done as they make it hard to find out the reason and so on

  2. No wonder Facebook/META is losing money if they can’t deal with simple things like this properly and in a timely manner. I have a Facebook account but use it as little as humanly possible. I’d certainly never consider “socialising” with it.
    If I were silly enough to be a current shareholder I’d get my money out. META will eventually sink it like a stone.

  3. Norbert Gostischa

    It’s about time. I’m also sure that Facebook never acknowledged their mistake and the harm it has caused.

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