Empire Earth Gold Edition (game): Giveaway until 14th Dec.

GOG.com is dedicated to providing enthusiasts with a source for popular retro games, from a time when gameplay was at the forefront. GOG’s catalog includes hundreds of relatively inexpensive Good Old Games, most from just $5.99 to $9.99. Signing up for a free account gives new members instant access to six free games; Dragonsphere, Tyrian 2000, Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a Steel Sky, Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar and Teen Agent. Anyone who enjoys playing games should definitely have a look around GOG.com.

GOG is currently giving away the Empire Earth Gold Edition game:

Control the destiny of a fledgling civilization through as many as 500,000 years of human history. From meagre beginnings you must exploit the natural resources around you to build an empire capable of dominating the Earth. But your rise to supremacy will not go unchallenged. As was the case throughout history, rival civilizations are certain to oppose you every step of the way. New technologies, buildings and weapons become available as your civilization progresses through history. But bear in mind that advancement does not necessarily mean success. Your civilization might flourish during one Epoch only to be crushed in the next…

The giveaway is open to account holders only, opening an account is totally free and, as already mentioned, new members gain access to 6 more free games. Simply go to GOG.com and sign up for your free account. Once the account has been established, click on the “Download Empire Earth for Free” banner across the top of the page and, on the new page, click on the “download now” button. Existing GOG account holders can go directly to THIS PAGE.

NOTEGiveaway closes at 10.59 GMT on 14th December. Also, the download is a large one – 538MB.

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