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tv networkI have been looking at ways to make our life simpler as well as cut expenditures we do not need. Currently we have basic Cable television, Hi-speed Internet, Unlimited Long distance/Internet phone with our local cable TV company. We don’t have any sort of contract but with bundling their services you do get a discount. If I had it my way I would keep the internet only and cut everything else with them. This set me on a mission to see what kind of options are out there so I can convince hubby that we need to trim some fat with the cable company. Mind you I love my cable company, they have great Tech support when you need it but it seems every few months the bill goes up a little bit more.

I have a Sony Blu ray disc player and will often reserve blu-ray movies from the library, check them out with my library card and watch them for FREE. In trying to save some money here and there I discovered there are FREE alternatives to streaming services that come with a cost. Keep in mind though if something is FREE that means usually there is a catch. In this case it means you will see some commercials. If you can handle that I will share with you some of the options you have available. Please add any that I may have missed.

I remember as a child my parents had an antenna on top of the television. They were also known as Rabbit ears. If you talk to a young person today and tell them about having rabbit ears on top of the TV that you adjusted for better reception, they will think you are having a senior moment. Although the old fashioned rabbit ears have long been retired some people still use antennas for watching free-to-air programs. The antennas of today are much sleeker and plug into the coaxial port on your TV. Though you may have to wait at least a day or longer to catch up with the latest episodes of cable network shows.

Network sites

I am not a big TV watcher. Although I do admit I enjoy NCIS every week so I can gaze upon Mark Harmon aka Gibbs. (such dreamy eyes). There have been instances where I have been out on Tuesday nights and missed an episode. Ugh… how will I make it thru the week? Not to worry I can get my NCIS fix from multiple locations. If you are  fan of “NCIS” just watch it on

Missed an episode of your favorite show? My hubby is a big “Voice” fan. I was able to show him how to catch missed episodes on All of the major networks have streaming content on their homepages, including some you can watch live – just hit up:

Tubi TV

tubi-tv3This is a free ad-supported television and movie platform delivered via the web and online streaming devices. It has been around since April 2014. At this time, I have not checked them out, I am sharing this with you based on a referral from a friend:

NOTE: The Tubi TV Site is rated amber (medium risk) by WOT.


Crackle tvYou register then start watching. Every day their programming provides new content.  It is totally free and will not cost you a cent. Lots of current and classic TV shows to watch as well:

You can: set up parental controls if you wish so you can monitor the types of content that is viewed – create a queue of movies and TV to watch later – set alerts to notify you when premiers will be available.

Can you add any other options to help us cut the cord on our cable bills?


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