The Force Is Strong With This One: Facebook Star Wars Stickers

The Force Is Strong With this One Facebook Star Wars Stickers Pic5

Facebook knows how to appeal to the Star Wars fans. With the release of the Star Wars stickers I think I might be using the sticker feature more often. I have never really been in to using the stickers on my Facebook comments but with this Star Wars release they may have changed my mind. For some of you who do not know about this feature let me show you where you can find it.

When commenting on a post you will see a smiley face to the right of the comment box.

The Force Is Strong With This One Facebook Star Wars Stickers Pic 2

Just click on the face and “POOF” the sticker screen will appear. Now you just need to type in the search box “Star Wars” and they will pop right up. There is another way by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right. This will take you to the sticker store and the Star Wars sticker option will appear at the top since they are new. But we will just go with the search.

The Force Is Strong With This One Facebook Star Wars Stickers Pic 3

Now this is where you can choose one of these awesome Star Wars stickers to place in your comment. My favorite so far is the BFFS sticker with Han Solo and Chewbacca.

The Force Is Strong With This One Facebook Star Wars Stickers Pic 1

The best thing that Facebook did here was giving the stickers their own personality. So now that you know about these stickers use the force and start stickering your comments. The best way to express yourself is with pictures…. or stickers.

Which sticker would you choose? Let us know in the comment section below.


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