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Need Help With Windows 10?

Microsoft has set up a comprehensive Windows 10 help site covering from upgrade and activation through to step-by-step guides on a slew of important settings and options, even instructions on how to deal with common issues. I suppose it could be said that merely needing such a guide is an indication of some of the issues with Windows 10. However, I see it rather as a way to make prospective and new users more at ease with the new operating system.

The help page starts off with a list of Trending Topics, which I’m assuming will vary depending on feedback and known issues:

win10 help-trending topics

Each topic title is clickable, expanding into more related options and guides. For example; clicking on “Fix sound problems” leads to the following guide with a list of further options accessible from the left hand menu:

win10 help-fix audio

The remainder of the page provides links to guides for various Windows 10 options and settings divided into categories:

win10 help-categories

Again, clicking on a category will open up a number of related sub-menus, each one expandable and containing its own specific guide(s):

win10 help-connectivitywin10 help-cortana

Many of the step-by-step guides include additional screenshots for a better understanding, with only the more simple procedures being text only. Whether you’re contemplating upgrading or already a Windows 10 user, this is an exhaustive resource to help with just about every aspect of Windows 10, and it’s available here: Need help with Windows 10?


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