Chrome set to replace Firefox as No. 2 browser?

Speculation is rife that Google Chrome will soon replace Firefox as the the No. 2 browser of choice, behind Internet Explorer – and statistics tend to confirm that as a likely scenario. Some are even predicting Chrome will overtake Firefox as early as December this year.

Browser market share at the end of 2010 was as follows:

  • Internet Explorer – 59.26%
  • Firefox – 23.69%
  • Chrome – 10.36%

Browser market share as at 1st October 2011:

  • Internet Explorer – 54.39%
  • Firefox – 22.48%
  • Chrome – 16.20%

Even though Firefox’s market share has remained pretty steady during 2011, the significant statistic is Chrome’s rapid rate of expansion. Given that Firefox’s percentage is most likely to remain fairly constant and Chrome’s is steadily increasing at a rate of around 0.65% per month – and if the snow-balling effect is taken into consideration – that should see Chrome gaining second spot some time around March/April 2012.

Of course, making predictions based on historical statistics is far from an exact science…one cannot factor in the unknown. In this case however I sense a certain inevitability; Chrome is destined to surpass Firefox sooner or later, it’s only the timing which is open to conjecture.

*Statistics sourced from the well respected

14 thoughts on “Chrome set to replace Firefox as No. 2 browser?”

  1. I love statistics, and there is a great difference statics and predictions. Then I also love using things like browsers, which are totally free. I use two, and believe others use more than one as well. How statistics can pin point which are used (and when), must be a closely guarded secret (as I’ve never read about how this count is made).

    I hope it’s not something as silly as how often a software is downloaded and installed, Mindblower!

    1. Interesting question MB, because right now I have three browsers open but am typing this in Firefox which is my main browser on this computer. I’m working on a project which just seems to work better in Chrome, then my main bank only allows online transactions in IE.

  2. I’m just curious as to why Chrome will rise to that level?
    I switched to it from Firefox, but I can’t really give a good reason why.

  3. Hey Steve – The number one reason is speed, Chrome is a fair bit faster than Firefox. But Mozilla is working on it and if they can match Chrome in that department, we would expect to see at least a slowing down of the trend.

  4. Actually Speed isn’t the main reason I recommend and use Chrome. The main reason is it automatically updates itself including the built in Flash Player. And that’s a nice feature for Computer Geeks as well as average users.

  5. Dave-Do you think the market share goes to IE simply because it comes with your OS? Can there really be that many users who are not aware of alternative browsers? Surely,the educated would have moved on,as I,who haven’t used IE since V.6-just sayn’…

  6. @Big Geek Daddy – Hey Big Daddy, nice to see you here!

    @detailer – Absolutely!! Internet Explorer has always enjoyed the huge advantage of being packaged with the most prominent operating system in the World. Vast numbers of people stick with IE simply because it is…just there. 🙂

  7. Am I surprised? No.

    For months I have been calling up Firefox to get its act together and to work where it counts, i.e. speed and simplicity. I think Firefox has just addressed it with version 7 but I fear it is too late.

    Frankly, let’s face it: Internet = Google = Chrome.

  8. Don DesChamps

    After using Firefox for the last few years I recently switched over to Chrome. My main reason, speed. That and the fact that Firefox has been going through these “wholesale” version changes every month or so lately. Version 7 just didn’t do it for me.

  9. Just wondering since this article is fairly out dated ,what the stats are now.
    I have been using Firefox for quite awhile and will keep it. I went ahead and updated I.E to version 10 for safety reasons but I still dont care for it much.I only keep it as a back up for some programs that seem to require it..even though it isnt my default browser.I dont know why but I.E 10 crashes on me just like the other versions.I guess it knows I dont like it much! Besides,Firefox has great add- ons that I.E. doesnt have .

    1. Hey Linda – Pretty similar, as at 31st March: IE – 55.83%, Firefox 20.21%, Chrome 16.45%

      Firefox rocks! It mightn’t be the quickest but IMO it is still the best.

      1. 15 months later, Chrome is clearly ahead at 20.37% to Firefox at 15.08%

        Actually it was in March 2014 that the switch was made to GC 17.52% to MF 17.26%

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