Chrome set to replace Firefox as No. 2 browser?

Speculation is rife that Google Chrome will soon replace Firefox as the the No. 2 browser of choice, behind Internet Explorer – and statistics tend to confirm that as a likely scenario. Some are even predicting Chrome will overtake Firefox as early as December this year.

Browser market share at the end of 2010 was as follows:

  • Internet Explorer – 59.26%
  • Firefox – 23.69%
  • Chrome – 10.36%

Browser market share as at 1st October 2011:

  • Internet Explorer – 54.39%
  • Firefox – 22.48%
  • Chrome – 16.20%

Even though Firefox’s market share has remained pretty steady during 2011, the significant statistic is Chrome’s rapid rate of expansion. Given that Firefox’s percentage is most likely to remain fairly constant and Chrome’s is steadily increasing at a rate of around 0.65% per month – and if the snow-balling effect is taken into consideration – that should see Chrome gaining second spot some time around March/April 2012.

Of course, making predictions based on historical statistics is far from an exact science…one cannot factor in the unknown. In this case however I sense a certain inevitability; Chrome is destined to surpass Firefox sooner or later, it’s only the timing which is open to conjecture.

*Statistics sourced from the well respected

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