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    How to Use Outline Numbering in Word 2010 Tables

    A reader recently inquired whether she could use Outline Numbering in a table she had created in Word 2010. The answer is yes, you certainly can. The problem she was encountering was that when she wanted to promote or demote a level, she would tab. Of course, every time she tabbed she was taken to […]

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    How to Disable Paste Options in Word

    Turns out that the Paste Options in Word can be annoying to some folks! We all know what Paste Options means, but just in case you do not, let me refresh your memory. When you copy a little nugget of text and want to paste it into your document, Word will display a little button […]

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    How to Convert Lists to Text in Word 2010

    If you are a user of the numbered list feature in Word, you may have noticed that the numbers at the beginning of each item cannot be selected. And, as you add or delete items from your list, the other items are automatically renumbered. Normally this is what you would expect to happen and are […]

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    Find & Replace Tricks for Word 2010

    I would like to share a few handy and useful tricks for using the Find & Replace feature in Word with you. Feel free to follow along on your own computer, using your own documents. I usually encourage that interaction because once you have actually done something it becomes a bit easier to remember. Have […]

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    How To Embed an Excel Chart in a Word Document

    As a rule the applications within Microsoft Office work very well together. A perfect example of this is the ability to embed an Excel chart in a Word document! There are many, many reasons why one would want or need to embed an Excel chart into a Word document and I am certain you can […]

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    How to Quickly Accent Characters in Word

    MS Word allows us to create accented letters in our documents very quickly using the accent shortcuts that are built into it. All you really have to do is use the shortcut key combination and then add the letter to be accented! Follow the steps below to learn how: Circumflex – CTRL + Shift +^, […]