How to Move Paragraphs Around your Word Documents

WordHere’s a slick little trick that a lot of folks don’t know about and it comes in very handy and saves you time, frustration and keystrokes!

Follow the steps below to learn how to move paragraphs around in your documents:

  • To move a paragraph up or down in your document, click in the paragraph you would like to move and then click Shift + alt + Up Arrow or Down Arrow.

That very same key combination will move an entire table row up or down in your table. When the top or bottom of your table is reached, it will detach the table row from your table to create another table which will continue moving through your page, which is a much simpler way to split a table.

And, as an added bonus, this tip will be useful in just about any version of Word that you use!

You’re welcome!


About the Author

Carol Bratt

Carol holds A+, MCP, and MOS computer certifications and is the resident DCT Office expert. She trains the staffs of small law firms in the use of Microsoft Office applications and has authored many books covering Microsoft Office as well as written articles for Infopackets, TechnoLawyer, and Digital Harbor. For more Microsoft Office tips visit Carol's Corner Office or follow Carol on FaceBook and Twitter.


  1. This is very confusing! Do I click on, or in front of, any word in a paragraph or highlight the entire paragraph?

  2. Like the article says, if you want to move a paragraph, click IN the paragraph. Just click anywhere in the paragraph.

    I hope this has been helpful to you.