Articles about email and related topics

  • BEWARE Windows Live Mail Patch KB3093594

    If you use Windows Live Mail to manage emails from an or account you’ve probably recently received an email from Microsoft announcing forthcoming changes that will prevent the system from working properly and exhorting you to either install a patch (download link included) or upgrade to Windows 10 and use the new Universal […]

  • How To Change/Customize Your Gmail Theme

    It is time for a “How to” since I haven’t given you one in a while. I’m all about making things your own, either by building it yourself or throwing some paint on someone else’s stuff. With the holidays here and Star Wars coming out I’m in a creative mood. With almost everyone using Gmail […]

  • Learning Computers: Understanding Email

    Links to all articles included in this series: The Beginning: Opening introduction to the series Browsers: What are they? How to make them a safer door to Web. Search Engines: The Good, Bad and Ugly. Understanding search results. Malware and Virus: What is Malware? – What is a Virus? What is the difference in their types? How […]

  • Do You Email?

    Is Email on the way out? That’s a bit like asking ‘Do you still watch cable TV?‘ and not quite as off topic as one might think. As for cable/terrestrial TV, no, I don’t watch it anywhere near as much as I did before, thanks to the Internet of course and in large part due […]

  • Pretty Good E-mail Encryption – The Snowden Way

    Just about a year ago, a video was posted on the Vimeo website, with the intention of demonstrating encryption for journalists, by one “anon108”.   The video was for Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who subsequently broke the NSA mass surveillance stories; he watched it, didn’t really understand it, and didn’t bother to take it any further.   […]

  • E-mail – Encryption! Encryption! Encryption!

    E-mail Encryption for Private People Millions of people every day send messages to friends, colleagues, and business contacts, written on postcards.  Electronic postcards, but still readable by anyone who cares to pick them up.  Would you send a letter without an envelope?  Every time you send an ordinary e-mail, that’s what you’re doing.  What you […]