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Yes, it is finally that time of year again where we get to scare others and ourselves and not get in trouble for it. With my boys getting older it is more of a challenge to impress them with Halloween. If you remember, last year I wrote an article called 5 Ideas For Tech-ing Out Your Halloween which suggested some great Halloween tech. This year I decided to look around for some more to share with my readers, plus I’m hoping these will impress my three little boys. This journey took me all over the internet and all around my own stomping grounds (the great State of Washington). This way, you don’t have to dig/search through all the crap. That is what I get to do, then share the best ones with you.  Are you ready?  Here are the amazing Halloween techs that I have chosen for you.

  • Dropping Dan Spider – First off, the name of this is a little different. I wonder if Dan is the creator? Enough of that– this fun Halloween tech is full of potential. Hang this above your kid’s bed at night and wait for the fun to begin. Yes, I’m an evil daddy. I think this is something that could scare your family and friends all year long. It even gives me the willies just watching it in action.
  • Talking Chucky Doll – If you grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s you might have watched the first movies Chucky starred in. Of course, I used to call him “My Buddy”, then he turned BAD. Now you can own this talking Chucky doll and scare the hell out of those little Trick-or-Treaters. This way, you will not have to buy as much candy since most kids won’t come near your door with Chucky guarding it.
  • Skullhub USB – The Skullhub USB is a must-have for decorating your office on Halloween or for the Goth tech in your family. Thinking about it, I would love to have this in my office year round. It really would get people talking at work, wouldn’t it? This item is going to go quickly so make sure to order as soon as you can. I found this on ThinkGeek and within a day it was out of stock.


  • RC Giant Tarantula – The one gift that is sure to scare everyone in your neighborhood. With it being remote controlled like an RC car, how could you go wrong. Here’s an idea for you– hide this under some bushes and as soon as someone starts walking up your driveway, Attack! I would scream like a little girl and run for my life. My boys think this would be one of the best Halloween techs to get (they are boys).



  • Barking Skeleton Dog – Who wouldn’t want a skeleton dog that could bark at the undead for you (or maybe undead squirrels?). Have this bony dog guard your candy bowl from those little demons. The added bonus you never have to feed this dog and it never needs to go out to pee. Check out the video it is a fun piece of tech to add to your Halloween night.
  • ZombieBooth 2 App – I saved this one for last. With everyone having a cell phone of some sort what better Halloween tech than a Zombie App. This is the ZombieBooth 2 app and it is fun. Just watch the video to see how easy you can turn a pic on your phone into a scary Zombie. Who doesn’t want to be turned into a Zombie? One of the best features is you can share it via social media or eMail.

There you go my friends! With these great tech ideas you will be sure to save some money on candy. Which would you get?

2 thoughts on “Best Tech Ideas For Your Halloween”

  1. Even something as simple as a piece of string with something cylindrical and brown, like brown fur, the size of a rat, does wonders at night! Add a dry-ice machine and some Addams family costumes, etc…

    1. Good idea Stu 🙂 even low tech and little imagination can make something cool. I will have to try this with my boys. Love the Addams Family … Now the theme song is stuck in my head.

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