Apple’s Holiday Ad – A Message with Heart (video)

We’ve seen plenty of advertizing campaigns from the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung which tend to promote their own products by putting a rival product down. Understandable given the fierce competition between these major players, but a rather negative spin nonetheless.

There is, however, nothing negative about Apple’s latest ad which presents a totally positive and heartwarming holiday season message. Apple could so easily have resorted to schmaltz and cliches, instead, they opted for a simple and somewhat understated story… the result is a poignant message which truly encapsulates the essence of Christmas:


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Jim Hillier

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  1. Very nice. Bit soured for me though having just read about conditions under which some Apple products are being made. It’s probably a good thing that the Pegatron factory workers on their 12-16 hour shifts don’t celebrate our holiday season. I now wonder how many of the gadgets & gizmos we receive this Christmas would have been made by slaves and/or children.