14 month old Toddler buys a Car on eBay!

Just when you thought you’d heard everything, along comes a story like this. According to a report on KOIN 6 News; 14 month old toddler Sorella Stoute got hold of her Dad’s smartphone and, after some random clicking around, somehow managed to end up buying a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite for $225.00.

Dad, Paul Stoute, was totally unaware of the purchase until he received a congratulatory note from eBay confirming the transaction. Mum and Dad were understandably in a mild panic at first as they couldn’t really afford it and fretted over what they should do, but in the end decided to keep the car. Paul said he was just relieved the damage wasn’t worse. Fortunately, the Austin Healey Sprite was located within a 20 minute drive from the Stoute household… one bit of luck at least Paul.

As a footnote to the story; Paul has now activated the facial recognition technology on his smartphone and has a new PIN code… just in case Sorella ever gets the shopping bug again.


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  1. Kids sure do grow up fast today!!!

    Way back when I was stationed in Rota (USN), some of the guys would go to Gibraltar and buy one of these. One of my Navy friends bought one and we went from Rota to Torrejon AFB by Madrid (a little over 400 miles). Of course, it was much better shape than this (and a little older model). They were quite popular with the guys on the base.