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wonderfox-dvd-ripper-feature-imageDVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox and DCT have teamed up to offer some free copies of DVD Ripper Pro to our readers. This giveaway will be in effect until March 8, 2018. The license for this software usually sells for $49.95 (US), but you can get it absolutely free if you grab it on or before that date.


This Giveaway Version is only slightly different than the Full Version in the following ways:

  • It only supports free upgrades and updates for 6 months
  • It will not rip advanced encrypted titles
  • It does not offer immediate technical support
  • It does not support Quick 5-Minute Backups

You will find a full comparison chart at the giveaway page. See below…

How And Where?

To get your free copy of DVD Ripper Pro you, only need to go this WonderFox page and click a button. You will receive a Zip file including the software and the license. WonderFox asks that you register the product at your earliest convenience.

Thank you to WonderFox for their generous offer, and their continued support of DCT!

5 thoughts on “WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway”

  1. Says “no updates” and “no support” on the Wonderfox page I visited after downloading their Word document and following to their linked page. Nothing about not ripping advanced encrypted titles ?

    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi Adam,

      1. You must use the link provided at the end of the article
      2. Once on that page, if you scroll to the bottom, Rule #1 talks about the support differences
      3. There is also a comparison chart from which I got my information

      This Giveaway version is not the same as the Free version.

      Thank you for your comment,

  2. Hi Richard – I am clicking on your link on the word “Wonderfox” above that says “To get your free copy of DVD Ripper Pro you, only need to go this WonderFox page and click a button.”

    This takes me to a page where there is a large button saying Get it Free (I do now see the comparison chart you mentioned – I didn’t see it yesterday but may have overlooked scrolling down.

    Anyway when I click the “Get it Free” button this downloads a zipped folder containing a Word doc called “Licence for 3.8”. When I open that the doc says:

    “Dear Users,
    We are offering you this excellent gifts. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. The real No. 1 speed smart DVD ripping software that provides the quickest solution to rip your extensive DVD collection to virtually any video, audio and device.
    For more information please visit: http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/dvd-ripper/
    How to Register with the Free License:
    Step 1, Download the software
    Step 2, Install and launch it, register it with the license key: XX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXX
    Till Mar 8, 2018
    Step 3, Enjoy the full features.
    Note: No update, no support.”

    I’ve replaced the license key with X’s for this public post but if I am doing something wrong as far as downloading the Giveaway rather than the Free version please let me know. I am not complaining by any means and appreciate the offer.


    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi Adam,

      As far as I can see you’re doing everything right.
      Once you register the program you should also get the six-moth updates and upgrades. (The free version does not require registration.)

      After using the program for a while, if you see that these benefits are not being honored, I definitely want to know about it. In the mean time, I will ask my contact at WonderFox about this seeming discrepancy.

      Note: I removed the download link from your comment because it violates part of our agreement with WonderFox.

      Thank you for your time and help,

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