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wonderfox-dvd-ripper-feature-imageDVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox and DCT have teamed up to offer some free copies of DVD Ripper Pro to our readers. This giveaway will be in effect until March 8, 2018. The license for this software usually sells for $49.95 (US), but you can get it absolutely free if you grab it on or before that date.


This Giveaway Version is only slightly different than the Full Version in the following ways:

  • It only supports free upgrades and updates for 6 months
  • It will not rip advanced encrypted titles
  • It does not offer immediate technical support
  • It does not support Quick 5-Minute Backups

You will find a full comparison chart at the giveaway page. See below…

How And Where?

To get your free copy of DVD Ripper Pro you, only need to go this WonderFox page and click a button. You will receive a Zip file including the software and the license. WonderFox asks that you register the product at your earliest convenience.

Thank you to WonderFox for their generous offer, and their continued support of DCT!

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