Windows 9 New Features in Action (videos)

We’ve been hearing about Windows 9’s proposed new features via leaks and rumors for a little while now but haven’t really been privy to anything definitive. With only about 2 weeks remaining until the purported initial preview release, German site WinFuture has posted a number of screenshots and videos apparently created from a leaked Technical Preview Build 9834.

The videos under show various Windows 9 components in action, beginning with the new Start Menu, on to the new Notification Center, and finally the new Multiple Desktop feature. Bear in mind though, as these videos are taken from a pre-preview build, much could still change prior to the final release:





5 thoughts on “Windows 9 New Features in Action (videos)”

  1. If only MS used this same method to introduce Windows 8.

    I was lucky to get a HP with W8. It had a tutorial for W8 right on the START screen. I was able to get it working right away. Stumbled around for a while and now have it functioning faster and better than all of the old MS Windows OS’s. I’m quite sure it is capable of a LOT of things I don’t know about yet.

    Windows should put a How-To-Guide in the Initial Set-Up program.

    Thanks for the vids…………Alan

    P.S. Would have rather had taliking durring the vids instead of the music.

    1. Hence, it was rather ingenious for Redmond to NOT release video previews of Windows 8. If they were to, then you and just 4-others would’ve confirmed that the OS was positively reviewed by a number of folks that was lessor than can count on one hand…

  2. Windows 9? Put #8 with #9 and we have a complete turn around back to Windows 98. Makes you wonder.

  3. Peter Thompson

    Think that this could be what windows 7 was for vista. Really like the multiple desktop mode

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