Video Blast from the Past

Just wanted to share a find from my travels on the interwebs.  This video posted by Youtube user   OS2Memories.   Enjoy.



About the Author

Jason Clement

After a 6 year stint with the U.S. Army as a Tactical Linguist, Jason worked as an IT Professional with DEC (Digital Equipment Corp), on a contract with both Time Warner and Oceanic Cable as they implemented the first publicly available broadband service, often troubleshooting network issues node-by-node back to the Central Office. After the acquisition of DEC by Compaq Jason began a long career working tech support for companies such as Dell, CompUSA, Perot Systems, and Ignite Technologies while freelancing for several law firms. While each position presented its own technical challenges and unique experiences. While Jason has worked in every facet of customer facing IT support from call centers to in-home support he looks back fondly on his days at DEC, where a 'can do' attitude was the norm.


  1. That was a trip! He talked so fast, it made my head hurt trying to catch every word…
    I’ve sent a link to other computer fans I know.