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I have written several articles over the years about changing the right-click menu. These have usually involved editing the Windows Registry in
some way. Truth be told, many people are justifiably nervous about hacking into the Registry. If you are one of those people, then you’re
probably right to not mess around in there.

Here’s a better solution. It’s easier, faster, requires no technical knowledge, and provides a familiar Graphical User Interface that all Windows users have come to know so well.

Right Click Enhancer

Right Click Enhancer is a gem of a utility. It has many positive attributes not the least of which is that it has a portable version. A great addition to any tech’s toolbox. It’s also free!


It is a very flexible utility with many options. Here is a short list of it’s capabilities.

  • Create time-saving right-click shortcuts
  • Edit right-click context menus
  • Copy files and folders
  • Create new right-click cascading menus
  • Manage the SendTo folder entries

Right Click Enhancer can do much more and I have barely scratched the surface in this short post.

Note: Some of the options in this Window will send you to their website promoting an upgrade option.

Download and Enjoy

I do not recommend downloading the installable version which comes bundled with a couple of toolbars. Although options to decline are available, the toolbars are presented in such a way that the less wary user could easily click on through the installation and inadvertently install either or both.

The portable version, on the other hand, is free from any such ‘extras’ and concerns. Portable is always preferable anyway, so make sure you download the portable version:

To download this utility just go to this Right Click Enhancer page.


This a very cool utility and I plan to add it to my collection of portable software. Did I mention that is was Free?

I hope you find it as useful as I do.

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