The Most Comprehensive Guide to Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to quickly open locations and implement actions. However, there are just so many of them, it’s often difficult to remember exactly which combination does what.


With that in mind; here’s a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts that I put together for my students and have now made available for you to download for free. The 195KB file is in PDF format and covers just about every key combination known to mankind (it does not include new keyboard shortcuts introduced specifically for Windows 10).

The beauty of being able to download the list in PDF format is that you can not only save it locally but also print it out and place it somewhere near the computer for quick reference.

Download for free simply by clicking this link: DCT Keyboard Shortcuts (195KB PDF)



9 thoughts on “The Most Comprehensive Guide to Windows Keyboard Shortcuts”

  1. Thanks Sherri I will store that Adobe file away in my Documents. Now I just need a keyboard shortcut to my brain for not forgetting where I put things.

    1. Daniel that’s funny. I create these for a Class I teach weekly called “Camp Wired” at the local Library. People find it extremely helpful to have handouts like this tto refer to. You may never use all the shortcuts but there are many that give you those moments where you say “Wow, that is good to know I could’ve used that!”

  2. Sherri, this is the most interesting and informative pdf I’ve ever saved. Thank you, Mindblower!

  3. Nice Father’s Day gift for us Aussies and Kiwis and others who celebrate the date today !
    Thanks, Sherri for this.

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