The Missing Network Activity Indicator

Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft replaced the Internet activity monitors with a static one. I’m referring to the icon that looked like two monitors that flashed blue to show network activity. One incoming, one outgoing. It displayed down in the notification area. But Microsoft, in their great wisdom, did away with it.


But you can use a third-party program like Network Activity Indicator to bring it back.

You can download it either in ZIP format or the installation version– your choice. I downloaded the ZIP file of the 64-bit and just decompressed it on my computer. I have a folder called Utilities where I keep my portable apps (the ones that can be used without installing).

When I first started using this, I don’t remember changing any of the settings except for the display icon that I set to classic. To get into the settings once you have it started up, right-click on the network icon and click on Settings in the menu.


Feel free to experiment as you see fit. The following image shows my current settings.


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  1. Very nice little utility. I have missed the two little computers for a long time.

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