The Car Of The Future – BMW’s Vision Next 100

Cars of the Future

As a man who loves technology, it gives me great pleasure to see the new innovations that companies and individuals come out with. Saying this, I have seen the future of the automobile I think I will welcome.

BMW debuted their new concept car called the “Vision Next 100” at the BMW Group Centenary Event in the Munich Olympic Hall. This marks the 100-year anniversary since the company first appeared on the commercial register. What better way to celebrate this than with a futuristic car design?

They have taken the technology of today and added a dash of tomorrow’s to create this amazing car. I know some of these features might not make it to the consumer model, but these are a great starting point for our cars to come.

Now let’s get to some of these new concepts I think would be wonderful to have in my driveway.

Boost vs Ease

The Car Of The Future Is BMW’s Vision Next 100 pic 1

Most of the cars we have been seeing in the news are self-driving cars. My worry about that is not having any control of the car I’m in. Finally, a car company is thinking of what we consumers will be more comfortable with– that being the choice of having the car drive for us or letting us do the driving ourselves. This automobile gives the driver the choice of picking Boost (Manual) or Ease (Autonomous) mode. Now if I want to take that nap on my road trip, I can.

BMW’s boost mode focuses on assisting the driver in what he needs to do, which is drive. It adjusts to meet the driver’s habits. That can be anything from making corrections to the suspension to tire traction control, or helping with the performance of the car.

The Car Of The Future Is BMW’s Vision Next 100 pic 2

Ease mode is a little more fun in terms of just sitting back and enjoying the ride. Pick this option and the steering wheel retracts into the console. Then your seat headrest turns and the seats and doors merge. Basically your car makes you more comfortable so you can have your coffee without worrying about the road. Another amazing feature I found is something called Alive Geometry. My Teacher always said that I would use this in the future and I guess he was right (maybe that was algebra).

This little number consists of 800 moving triangles in the dashboard and side panels that float around giving you visual cues. These cues can warn you about a turn, a pedestrian coming out from behind an obstacle (this is one of the features that made me geek out) and many other things.

You can see many of features in the videos below:

I could go on all day about this but I think you get the point. What an imaginative world we live in. Bringing such dreams to life will always keep my fire for technology going strong.

What are your thoughts on this automobile?

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