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  • How To Install Lubuntu Linux

    I previously wrote about setting up my flash drive for Linux. I will now walk you through the steps I took to install Lubuntu Linux on my Acer Aspire 5315 laptop. First, I had to boot off the flash drive by pressing F12 to get to the boot menu of my laptop. My flash drive […]

  • Should Linux Admit Defeat and Call it Quits?

    First of all, I want to make it abundantly clear that we are discussing Linux for the DESKTOP here, not for supercomputers, not for servers, not for smartphones, and not for gaming consoles… just for the Desktop. It’s been more than 20 years since Linus Torvalds released his Linux kernel under the GNU General Public […]

  • ‘Shellshock’ Bug – Major Security Threat or Overblown?

    Following on the heels of the Heartbleed scare, another major vulnerability has been identified in a widely utilized software. The newly discovered security vulnerability, dubbed ‘Shellshock’, is part of Bash, the command-line shell utility common to Linux and Unix operating systems. The vulnerability does NOT affect Windows users and the consensus among experts is that […]

  • Wake up to that fresh, Minty taste!

    When you tap that icon on your phone, tablet or desktop, are you remotely concerned about which operating system you are using? Most people are not and the fact that Windows, Mac IOS, Android and Linux achieve the same goal, is indicative of how the battle lines have blurred in recent years, spurred on in […]

  • The Windows 8 ‘Catastrophe’ Controversy

    Windows 8  a new beginning… By now you are probably aware that Microsoft has released Windows 8, the latest version of the ubiquitous Windows family of Operating Systems.  Windows 8 boasts many cool new features, including the ability to be loaded across a new range of hardware including tablets, and featuring touch-screen capabilities.  I believe […]

  • Geek Fact for August 25th

    In 1991, Linus Torvalds released his first version of the Linux operating system kernel. As of 2006, approximately two percent of the Linux kernel was written by Torvalds. As thousands have contributed to the Linux kernel, he still remains one of its largest contributors. Learn more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linus_Torvalds.

  • Linux and Windows Comparisons

    One of the first things a refugee from Windows trying to transition to Linux does is look at the Linux tree structure to try to see “What would this be in Windows?”  Well, there is NO one-size-fits-all answer to that question. Indeed, that kind of thinking acts as an impediment to understanding how Linux works.  […]

  • Getting Rid of Clutter

    The phrase “graphical disk map” is a general description for a group of software, both commercial and free, which tells you the size of a folder or file with a graphical representation, OR it is actually the precise name of a specific piece of software (free BTW) which does that job. That graphical representation can […]

  • Linux Kernel – now back online

    Almost one month ago, the official distribution site for the Linux kernel was shut down following a serious malware incident. The people behind the Linux kernel discovered malware on the PC of at least one kernel maintainer, as well as on the kernel.org servers themselves. The good news is that kernel.org is now back online. […]