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    How To Give Allowances Through Amazon

    If you have any kids (or remember when you were one), then you know what an allowance is. OK, I know that some of us never got one, but the majority of kids received a small amount for helping out in the house or extras around the neighborhood. Now that I’m a parent though, I […]

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    How To Create Amazon Order History Report

    If you are like me, you want to know where your money goes, especially when trying to keep track of the family spending online. For most people this means buying things at Amazon. Yes, Amazon– the one place where someone can buy pretty much anything from baby diapers to a chainsaw in one location (that […]

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    How To Change Email Preferences On Amazon

    One of my clients recently asked me some questions on how to use Amazon. The one question that stood out to me was, “How do I change my email preferences on my Amazon account”?  One of the main reasons they asked me this question was they recently created an email for websites they buy from. […]

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    How To Receive Amazon Shipment Updates

    With the season of shopping at hand, many of us will be ordering from Amazon like we do every year. If you are like me, you enjoy knowing when your order is going to be delivered, plus this lets me get to it before my little minions do! That could also include those thieves who […]

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    How To Change Kindle Fire Device Name

    If you have children like I do, then you have probably bought them some sort of mobile device, mainly to keep them from taking yours all the time. Each of my three boys have their very own Kindle Fire. Since my boys are like me, they wanted to change the name of their Kindle from […]

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    How To Clear Amazon Browsing History

    Browsing History Did you know that Amazon saves your browsing history? Have you noticed when you are shopping on Amazon they keep suggesting other items you might like to buy? This is partly to do with them saving your browsing history and trying to get you to order more stuff. Example: I’m looking at pens […]

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    How To Set Up, Change Your Amazon Video PIN

    Amazon Video PIN Most of us probably have our own Amazon Prime account. With all the benefits why would you not? Now, if you have children, they will probably be wanting to use some of the features it offers– most likely the streaming video service. Great!…Right? It can be if you have set up your Amazon Video […]

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    How To Edit Your Amazon Profile Page

    We all use Amazon and if you don’t, then you’re probably not reading this article. I have used Amazon for many, many years and have never thought about editing my public profile, not even to add a picture. This changed when I noticed one of my friends with his own profile picture on Amazon. Yes, […]