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For those who may be unaware, Windows *Blue* is the codename for the next upcoming iteration of Windows 8, expected to be released for initial ‘Public Preview’ toward the end of June. Earlier reports, based on the leaked build, suggested that the changes and enhancements expected in Windows Blue would be of a superficial nature, mainly based around the Start Screen, Modern apps, and visuals. However, rumors are now circulating that Microsoft may be contemplating two critical changes which would obviously be aimed at appeasing dedicated desktop users.

  • *Boot to Desktop: Apparently, researchers have come across a tiny piece of code which suggests that Microsoft may be looking at introducing an option to bypass the Start Screen and boot direct to the Desktop. In my opinion this seems quite likely. It would be very easy to implement and would go at least some way toward placating desktop users.
  • *Return of the traditional Start Button: Personally, I believe this one is unlikely. Firstly, this is mere conjecture based on information allegedly derived from one of those infamous ‘anonymous sources’. Secondly, unlike Boot to Desktop, the return of the Start Button would not be an easy thing to implement. Finally, considering Microsoft’s obvious ‘new’ direction, I’m pretty sure they’d look upon returning the Start Button as being a decidedly retrogressive step.

One important aspect to keep in mind regarding all these reports; they are mostly based on rumor and conjecture. Nothing is set in concrete and nothing will be until the final release. Even features which may or may not appear in earlier builds are subject to change. It is however all very interesting… well, it is to me anyway. 🙂

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