Listen to my interview with Mary Coon about online security

I recently did a 2-hour special interview with Mary Coon of on the subject of online security. We focused on my “14 Golden Rules of Computer Security” (which is currently being revised and will help launch my new site) We had a very lively discussion.  More interviews are planned for the future. I guess I’m now a radio “star,” at least online. Seriously, though, I think you should check out the site. I’ve been keeping it playing in the background. When there are no actual interviews or special programs running, they play some great inspirational and motivational music.

Listen to the interview here. You’ll have to click on the drop-down menu to find it in the history, since it has already aired.


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Ken Harthun

Ken is our resident security expert with years of experience in the field. He can also carry a tune as an accomplished musician. Ken has written for many publications and presently is a contributor to IT Knowledge Exchange.